Paper Cup & Container Forming Machines

Automatic high-speed paper cup machine RD-12/22-100A

High-speed paper cup and container forming.

PLC control paper cup forming machine RD-12/22-100B

PLC control High-speed paper cup and container forming.

Automatic Paper Cup Forming Machine RD-LB120-3600A

gear transmission,longitudinal axis structures.The whole machine adopts automatic lubrication system.

Paper cup forming machine with ultrasonic sealing HS-PS-12

full automatic forming machine,ultrasonic sealing.

Paper Bowl & popcorn cup Forming Machines

Automatic Paper Bowl Forming Machine RD-LB120-3600B

gear transmission,longitudinal axis structures,Suitable for producing 12-54 ounce paper bowls.

Automatic high-speed paper bowl machine RD-12/22-100B

PLC control High-speed paper bowl and container forming,Production speed 75-90 pcs/min

Double PE Coated Paper Bowl Forming Machine HS-PS-35

Paper Bowl Forming Machine,Suitable for producing paper bowls within 35 ounces。

automatic high speed popcorn cup forming machine RD-ZT-200

automatic high speed popcorn cup forming machine,can make max height 200 mm paper barrels.

Two Piece Paperboard forming machine

New model double wall cup forming machine RD-09Z

double wall cup and ripple cup can be forming on same machine.

High speed ripple cup forming machine RD-09S

automatic double layer cup forming machine.

Double wall cup forming machine EBZ-09

automatic double layer cup forming machine.

Flexo printing & Die cutting machine

1-6 Colors Flexo Printing and Die Cutting Machine RD-NDS-CQ

This machine is suitable for printing and die cutting single PE coated and double PE coated paper.

1-6 Colors Flexo Printing Machine NDS-900B

This is an economical and environmental friendly printer for printing cup paper.

Model automatic punching and die-cutting machine RD-CQ-850

it can die cut for printed paper roll by following color marks and white paper by setting cutting length.

High speed automatic reel paper die-cutting machine RD-MQ-930

Professional equipment which uses for cutting various kind of popular paper and PE coated paper.

With Online Handle Applicator

Paper Cup Machine With Online Handle Applicator EBZT-12

the handle paper is feeding in roll just like the cup bottom paper weuse.

Full Automatic horizontal offline handle fixing machine TB-12

TB-12 is a newly developed horizontal automatic handle fixing machine.

Ancillary Equipment

Tea Filling Machine RD-CY-90

automatic tea filling equipment with heater-sealing system.

Automatic Paper Cup Packing Machine QZB

With automatic film feeding. perforated echaust. The color mark tracking function of single and double packing.

Cup Top Flatten Machine YK-12

it is used for flatten the cup curling to flatten by ultrasonic device.

Paper Cup Machine With Online Handle Applicator EBZT-12

original from paper cup forming machine, we added online handle applicator.

Automatic Paper Dish/Plate Forming Machine RD-300

Fully automatic paper plate forming machine was developed and researched in order to meet the needs on the market.


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